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About Working with Neomi – Yoga and Energy Healing

"I was fortunate to receive an energy-healing session from Neomi  while on vacation in Costa Rica.  I had a life changing experience with a different type of energy work just weeks prior, so I was very open to the idea of Reiki when the opportunity presented itself.

Plus, Neomi had been instructing me and others in a daily yoga class, and based on her knowledge of Yoga and teaching ability, I knew the experience would be amazing.  But I had no idea that it would be as good as it was.

I literally felt, for the first time, the space of my heart expand.  That feeling then extended outward and beyond my physical body.  I was presented with only one internal thought during the hour, which was quickly engulfed by the surrounding energy.  It was literally the longest I have gone without thought--just being.

The hours that followed the session were the most present hours I have ever experienced.  Smiles were brighter, smells better, textures more pronounced; I felt zero attachment.  The feeling of presence and peace accompanied me through the rest of the day.

My wife picked me up from the airport upon my return and made the observation of how "at peace" I seemed to be.  A couple of weeks later, and I am still feeling residual effects of the event.

I highly recommend this healing experience to you and have to many others over the past few days."

– Glen

"A wonderful experience.

I really do think I feel more open with an increased sense of joy!

Cannot thank you enough."

– Nicola

"My session with Neomi was beautiful. It was a great opportunity to relax, reflect, and illuminate.

We did a guided meditation, some inner child work, and the reiki healing. The guided meditation helped us to focus the session and the inner child work allowed us to revisit past hurts and give them a tender touch.

The reiki healing was a beautiful opportunity to just lie back and process what we’d discussed under Neomi’s guidance.

Neomi is gentle and calming, open and warm and I’d definitely recommend a session with her."

– Michelle

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