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Energy Healing One-on-One

Get out of your funk and get feeling good from the inside out.

Hey there,

Look, here's the deal . . .

To live a life you love, you can't ignore and stuff away all the pain of your problems.

At some point, you're going to have to acknowledge the inner tension and anxiety you feel.

I know your life looks pretty good on the outside.

But, how does it feel on the inside?





Are you exhausted? And just plain tired?

Tired of trying to be enough, for everyone and every thing?

At work, in relationships, managing your health, and in trying to turn your life into something special that you love?

i hear you

You know there's more to life than just this.

But what else can you do, there is only so much time in the day?

Sure, sometimes you think a new job, a new relationship, a new house, or even just a vacation would solve your problems and help you feel better . . .

But deep down, you know that's not it either.

So what now?

well you're not alone

I've been there too,
      e m p t y ,

    Sure, I had my life "together",
but deep inside it tore me to pieces.

So what's the way out? – you ask.

The way out, is within.

Unconscious "stuck" energy can keep us trapped in our misery.

Energy healing can help you 




Check it out. This can be yours.

Imagine . . .

Where once your world was muted gray, in black and white, now the world is ALIVE. You see all bright and vivid colors.

You feel clear, free and energized, and wake up looking forward to the magic of your day.

For once you are able to fully enjoy all that comes your way–whether it's at the office, at home, with the kids, or out on a wild adventure.

And yes,

let's be real

Some days the going does gets tough and those stubborn problems resurface. But no worries, you're quickly back to stress-free, since you've learned strategies to help you flow through the muck with ease.

Plus you've learned how to recharge and tap into a never-ending source of true inner power. You feel your sustained energy flowing powerful and free.

But mostly, what excites you is that you feel inspired–you're finally making a real impact in really BIG, and small, important ways.


Energy Healing for Transformation

Energy Healing One-on-One is a 5 week package to help you get out of your funk and into feeling good, lovin' life.

Say goodbye to draining relationships, watching the clock tick by at work and other uninspired living, because your new life starts now.

Energy Healing for Transformation is all about transforming from the inside out.

We will take a look at the challenges in your life and utilize energy work to clear out stuck energies. This process helps you to break free from played out habits and patterns that are keeping you down.

Then you will learn tools and techniques to practice, in order to more easily stay immersed in this high-vibe living.

Come on, let's set your soul free, so you can live a vibrant life filled with more passion, peace, love, meaning, and joy!

Here’s what you get

In this 5 week program you will receive

  • 5 private hour-long phone sessions where you will
    • receive energy healing to release blocked energies
    • work through the root cause of pain, to progress on your path
    • learn techniques and practices to use so you can feel good everyday
    • learn how to self-guide, so that when problems resurface, you know how to break free with ease
  • Weekly rituals where you will
    • learn to safely open and release pain
    • learn to connect and listen to your higher guidance
    • receive soul-guided wisdom to spark your next level of high vibe living
  • Email support as needed, for anything pressing that comes up

. . . transform how YOU feel

Your Investment

1 payment of $540.

*Can be paid in 2 payments of $290 (total $580).

What Others are Saying

About working with Neomi

"I literally felt, for the first time, the space of my heart expand.  That feeling then extended outward and beyond my physical body.  I was presented with only one internal thought during the hour, which was quickly engulfed by the surrounding energy.  It was literally the longest I have gone without thought--just being.

The hours that followed the session were the most present hours I have ever experienced.  Smiles were brighter, smells better, textures more pronounced; I felt zero attachment.  The feeling of presence and peace accompanied me through the rest of the day.

My wife picked me up from the airport upon my return and made the observation of how "at peace" I seemed to be.  A couple of weeks later, and I am still feeling residual effects of the event.

I highly recommend this healing experience to you and have to many others over the past few days."

– Glen

Begin Now

Free yourself from the low-vibe, burnt-out life you are living.
Transform how YOU feel from the inside out.

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Energy Healing One-on-One

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