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Soul Initiation

An Energy Healing Journey to Discover, Create and Radiate the Magic of Your Soul

It is time

It is time to consciously reconnect to the wisdom of Your Soul, to clearly understand your gifts and to creatively channel your magic into the Earthly world, for the benefit of all.

Where once you lacked clarity and direction, now you find clearly your heart-filled path.

Where once you were frustrated with soul-less work, now you co-create in alignment with the depth of Your Soul.

Where once you felt unfulfilled and questioned what your life was all about, now you understand the greater purpose of your path, your relationships and the flow of your life.

Now you feel peace within–an ease, a joy, a simple breath of confident poise.

Now you shine brightly, inspiring those you encounter as you radiate the magic of Your Soul.

Dive deep into the depths of Your Soul

Your Quest

In this 12 week program you will

  • prepare to receive, open to, better understand and tangibly use Your Divine gifts (note: no prior understanding needed!)
  • partake in a Sacred ceremony, your Soul Initiation, to reconnect to Your Soul wisdom and gifts
  • learn how to connect to and channel the divine energy of Your Soul, in order to live anxiety-free, in alignment with Your Higher Truth
  • reclaim your personal power, gifts and unique talents
  • step forward in service, creating for the benefit of others
  • channel and radiate your gifts, in a bigger way, out into the world

This program helps you to realize your dharma, your purpose. In doing so, you will learn to consciously channel, create and radiate your beautiful Soul essence. Some side effects include:

  • a release of unhealthy habits, self-sabotage and toxic relationships
  • an increase of self-empowerment and trust
  • freedom from the drive to outwardly seek as a way to create self-worth
  • healing of deep wounds and freedom from the repetitive cycles that they perpetuate
  • disentangling desires from deep pain–this frees energy, creates space, reorganizes governing expression and catapults you into your next level of enjoyment and love of life
  • an increased ability to rise above and experience challenges from a higher level of awareness, resulting in increased peace, contentment and joyful living

Let your heart sing the wisdom of your Soul

Your Journey

For 12 weeks, you will be personally guided through three parts of the program:

  1. Preparation - Prepare and Awaken to Your Truth
  2. Initiation - Empower Your Truth
  3. Embodiment - Create, Flow, Refine; Create, Flow, Refine

Each week you will meet with Neomi for a 60 minute, one-on-one personal energy healing session.

*Sessions will take place over the phone, unless you are meeting Neomi while on retreat in Costa Rica.

Embody Your Soul Divine

Your Investment

3 monthly payments of $370
*Or pay in full and receive $111 off. 

The program price includes 12, one-on-one personal energy healing sessions guiding you through your Soul Initiation. Sessions are scheduled weekly, to help you gain momentum and keep you on track.

**only three spaces remain

About Neomi

I live in the jungle of Costa Rica, surfing and making magic through yoga teaching, intuitive energy healing and the creative digital endeavors of website design and development.

Begin the Journey

Learn to channel the gifts of Your Soul. Let this be the catalyst for the next level of your conscious soul presence here on Earth.

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Energy Healing One-on-One

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