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Dear Sweet Soul,

Does it feel like something is missing in your life? – softly spoken, she curiously asks. Deep inside, do you feel empty, a bit lost, sad and unclear? Deep inside, do you know there just has to be more?

I know you – she recognizes as the light starts to shine through her eyes. You want to discover your purpose, to feel more meaning and to have complete happiness fill all areas of life.

You want to connect more deeply with others and share your heart in soulful ways. You want to fully love what you do. To feel passion, to create with purpose, to feel truth and inspiration. Simply put, you want to make the world a beautiful place, more loving for all.

Yes, it is simple, you say, I want to feel more peace, more love, more joy and happiness. I want that for my life. I want that to fill me fully, and that to passionately radiate out from within.

There is Another Way

There is a bit more to life than what first meets the eye–do you know about the invisible force fields that flow and govern our life? Oh, and this isn't just woo-woo talk, by the way, this is knowledge based on the science of quantum physics.

Quantum physics describes that everything in the universe is made of energy, and that we are particle (a body) and wave (an energy field) at the same time.

And what does this mean, you ask.

Well, a spectrum of energy is composed of many different frequencies. A simple example is a rainbow, where we can see different colors, or frequencies of light. Some frequencies are higher (purple) and some are lower (red).

Our own energy field is similar in that we are a spectrum of frequencies, or vibrations radiating out from within. And our energy can also flow in either organized or disorganized ways.

This becomes important when we start to think about our health and wellness. The state of our energy field vastly affects how our life feels and flows.

Most people don't talk about it, but all of us have felt the state of our energy field.

For example, your field can be in a "low-vibe" state where it is muddled and cloudy with unresolved emotions and frequencies of pain. Here the waves are composed of lower vibe energies and emotions such as sadness, anger, confusion or overwhelm for example. The waves are chaotic and disorganized.

Alternately, your field can be in a "high-vibe" state. In this state the waves flow coherently (in a state of balance and harmony) and are composed of high vibe emotions like peace, joy, excitement, passion and love.


So what do you do with this new knowledge?

Well, I'm sure if you're anything like me, you want to let go of anxiety and stress, and increase your feelings of happiness, joy and excitement. So, guess what, you can.

Learning about energy healing and energy healing practices gives you new insight and ways of how you can transform your life from feeling blah and uninspiring, to a life of happiness, joy, love and purpose.

Check it out–there is another way to working through the challenges of life, and that begins with your energy field.

Let me tell you more and guide you to experiencing this transformation first-hand.

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About Neomi, Your Guide

I live in the jungle of Costa Rica, surfing and making magic through yoga teaching, intuitive energy healing and the creative digital endeavors of website design.

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Experience energy healing. Transform your life from the inside out.

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