Release Fear. Worry. Stress.
Find Your Flow.

Experience Energy Healing to discover deep peace, brilliant happiness and endless oceans of radiant love.

Rancho Cielo

Hi, Welcome, I'm Neomi

If Island A is how you feel right now: exhausted, stressed, stuck or unclear, depressed, angry or overwhelmed... and you are unhappy with your relationships, job or fill in the blank...

And if Island B is how you want to feel: vibrant, joyful, healthy... surrounded by deep, meaningful relationships and overflowing with love and a sense of purpose...

I am an energy healer who guides you from Island A (suffering) to Island B (a life in flow and in love).

We all have unique versions of Island A and Island B. But good news–the simple practices of energy healing will help to relieve your suffering, no matter what your island looks like. In classes and sessions, I'll guide you to transform your island into a vibrant, fulfilling life, in flow and in love.

Let’s get started.

What Others Are Saying

Neomi is gifted. She establishes a safe space that enables this "opening" and masterfully facilitates this process of channeling one's energy - through which a broadened awareness and deeper knowledge of the self can take place. While I have experienced Reiki once or twice, Neomi truly is a gifted practitioner - unlike anyone I have ever met.

– L

Neomi had been instructing me and others in a daily yoga class, and based on her knowledge of Yoga and teaching ability, I knew the experience would be amazing.  But I had no idea that it would be as good as it wasI literally felt, for the first time, the space of my heart expand.  That feeling then extended outward and beyond my physical body.  I was presented with only one internal thought during the hour, which was quickly engulfed by the surrounding energy.  It was literally the longest I have gone without thought--just being.  The hours that followed the session were the most present hours I have ever experienced.  Smiles were brighter, smells better, textures more pronounced; I felt zero attachment.  The feeling of presence and peace accompanied me through the rest of the day.  My wife picked me up from the airport upon my return and made the observation of how "at peace" I seemed to be.  A couple of weeks later, and I am still feeling residual effects of the event.  I highly recommend this healing experience to you and have to many others over the past few days.  

– G

I've never done breathwork before, so I didn't know what to expect, but I was curious to experience it and see if it might help with healing. In the end, I was astounded. Working with Neomi was magical. She guided me expertly through the practice, and then I experienced perhaps the deepest savasana of my life. I'm so grateful to Neomi for sharing that with me.

– K

This experience is a gift.

I did not really know what to expect. What transpired was an experience like no other ~ a transcendence of the barriers I was holding up and onto ~ which enabled me to reflect with and receive wisdom from my true self. You think this sounds crazy? Yup, it felt a little crazy. The point is, you - the deep soul you - knows what you need. It is the cognitive webbing we and society construct between our soul and our conscious that obscures our ability to see and hear Truth. Our Truth. This session provided the lens through which I could see and hear the guidance of my Truth. Equipped with this new awareness and knowledge, it is THEN that the real work begins. It's hard work - but all healing and discovery work is. It is also liberating - and that is the reward for the hard work.

So, if you love yourself, want to love yourself, or curious what loving yourself might be like ~ give it a shot.

– L

The experience was very powerful for me and an answer to years of prayers. Since I've come home both of my daughters have told me separately that they feel like they have their mom back. 

– M