Release Fear. Worry. Stress.
Find Your Flow.

Experience Energy Healing to discover deep peace, brilliant happiness and endless oceans of radiant love.


Hi, Welcome, I'm Neomi

If Island A is how you feel right now: exhausted, stressed, stuck or unclear, depressed, angry or overwhelmed... and you are unhappy with your relationships, job or fill in the blank...

And if Island B is how you want to feel: vibrant, joyful, healthy... surrounded by deep, meaningful relationships and overflowing with love and a sense of purpose...

I am an energy healer who guides you from Island A (suffering) to Island B (a life in flow and in love).

We all have unique versions of Island A and Island B. But good news–the simple practices of energy healing will help to relieve your suffering, no matter what your island looks like. In classes and sessions, I'll guide you to transform your island into a vibrant, fulfilling life, in flow and in love.

Let’s get started.