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Being Human

You are human. You have a physical body, of blood, of bones, of flesh. But you are not only that. You are emotions, thoughts, and spirit too. You are conscious and have a soul essence.

What actually makes you human is that you exist across this whole spectrum–from physical, to emotional, to mental and spiritual. At any one point in time you may be more in touch with one of these aspects of self than the others.

Notice aspects of your dense physical self. Now shift your consciousness, your focused attention, to the emotional body, a more subtle aspect of self. What emotions are you feeling right now? Fully feel them. Fully embody them. Wait! Your physical self is still here, isn’t it? And it isn’t any less real in this moment, is it?

Ok, and the mental body, check in with your mind, your intellect. Shift your consciousness to observe the action of thinking. Use a higher level of awareness to observe that you are reading, observing, processing and thinking. Now see how your mental energy is activated on top of your emotional body layers and the layers of your physical self too, is it not?

And what about your spirit or soul essence? Can you connect to that space? Can you witness an even more subtle aspect of yourself? This is a subtle space of inner peace, uplifted awareness, acceptance, intuition, inspiration and remembrance of your divinity. It is a place of  unconditional love for self and all beings and a universal connection to oneness. It is a deep connection to a higher power, however you want to name it.

The reality is that to live a deeply fulfilling life, you cannot ignore ANY one aspect of self. You must work on each level of your being, not get overinvolved and stuck on that level. You must find balance in existence between all of the levels. Understanding and serenity, within each level of your being will create a profound sense of inner peace within you. This peace will then radiate out and has the potential to touch the lives of so many.

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