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My First Experience of Breathwork

It was a darkened room at the back of her bookstore where we met. Her English wasn’t that great and […]

Clearing Patterns of Failed Love – p.1

– March 2019 It is something that she said that has altered my mood this way. Yesterday I wrote: The […]

What to Know Before Your First Breathwork Session

I recently shared about the first time I experienced breathwork. Even though this experience was during a rebirthing session, which […]

Breathwork Energy Healing Basics

What are my sessions like? What are we doing? And why are we breathing in the first place. This is […]

Perfection in Love

Hours later, I could still feel where the tears raced down my cheeks. I hadn’t looked in a mirror, so […]


I recognize it now. The way I deflate, take a step back and wish for physical non-existence. I disappear, shut […]

Matapalo Surf

Can’t deny it, I love surfing. Especially right point breaks, on sunny days in tropical waters. Check out the video […]

The Day the Internet Died

The day the internet died I had a lot of time for contemplation. I live in the jungle of Costa […]

Flow Through Life Challenges

We are all faced with challenges in life. The key to a smooth ride is to cultivate tools and techniques […]

Yin Yoga with Crystal Singing Bowls – Crescent Moon Pose

Enjoy this 10 minute yin yoga practice, perfect for after another long day of work. Lengthen your side bodies in […]