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I recognize it now. The way I deflate, take a step back and wish for physical non-existence. I disappear, shut down, throw on my invisibility cloak and dissolve. If I don’t feel, if I don’t breathe, if I become quiet and still, you don’t see me. And in that nothingness … well, nothing exists. No […]

Matapalo Surf

Can’t deny it, I love surfing. Especially right point breaks, on sunny days in tropical waters. Check out the video I made . . .

The Day the Internet Died

The day the internet died I had a lot of time for contemplation. I live in the jungle of Costa Rica, you see and it actually turned into a 3 day, involuntary internet and social media cleanse. Yes, I am just like you, I have my excuses, but it’s true I do a lot of […]

Flow Through Life Challenges

We are all faced with challenges in life. The key to a smooth ride is to cultivate tools and techniques to help you best move through these challenges in healthy ways. Unhealthy ways can be more obvious like the abuse of drugs or alcohol for example used to escape. But unhealthy ways of coping can […]

Yin Yoga with Crystal Singing Bowls – Crescent Moon Pose

Enjoy this 10 minute yin yoga practice, perfect for after another long day of work. Lengthen your side bodies in this restorative crescent moon pose, also called bananasana. The pose begins subtle and then takes you into deep relaxation. Neomi plays the crystal singing bowls to bring you into an even deeper relaxation. Let the […]

Finding Peace, Clarity and Emotional Freedom

Are you not sure how to get to a state of joy, sustained happiness, or creative flow? Do you feel like you have a yo-yo, rollercoaster of emotions? Are you high on life one day, only to be devastated and defeated the next? Are you looking for ways to create a balanced, state of peace? […]

Guided Yin Yoga – Heart Opening Pose + Sound Healing Drum

Unwind after a long day of work with this short guided yoga pose. Counteract your rounded shoulders and haunched posture with supta baddha konasana, a heart opening pose. Feel the relief from the long hours you’ve spent working at your desk, in the car, from running errands around town or even just from the time […]

8 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

“Why should I want to raise my vibration?” you first ask. Well, maybe you are stressed from work or family life. Maybe your finances are causing you sleepless nights. Maybe your relationships are suffering from lack of your full attention. We all go through slumps in life when we get chronically stuck in bad moods, feel […]

Open to New Pathways of Healing

Do you feel low energy, depressed, or down? Are you constantly feeling a bit of unease? Do you often get sick? Or are you experiencing the effects of a certain illness or disease? Learning Reiki gives you an additional path to healing. Reiki is first a self-healing practice. By learning Reiki you are empowered to […]

Stilling the Endless Mental Chatter

Is your mind calm? Does your inner critic respect your space? Or do you constantly listen to negative mental chatter? Does your mind rule you, or you rule your mind? Learning Reiki empowers you to create a clear connection to the divine. This elevates your personal practice of meditation and your abilities to focus and […]

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