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I recognize it now. The way I deflate, take a step back and wish for physical non-existence. I disappear, shut […]

Matapalo Surf

Can’t deny it, I love surfing. Especially right point breaks, on sunny days in tropical waters. Check out the video […]

The Day the Internet Died

The day the internet died I had a lot of time for contemplation. I live in the jungle of Costa […]

Flow Through Life Challenges

We are all faced with challenges in life. The key to a smooth ride is to cultivate tools and techniques […]

Yin Yoga with Crystal Singing Bowls – Crescent Moon Pose

Enjoy this 10 minute yin yoga practice, perfect for after another long day of work. Lengthen your side bodies in […]

Finding Peace, Clarity and Emotional Freedom

Are you not sure how to get to a state of joy, sustained happiness, or creative flow? Do you feel […]

Guided Yin Yoga – Heart Opening Pose + Sound Healing Drum

Unwind after a long day of work with this short guided yoga pose. Counteract your rounded shoulders and haunched posture […]

8 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

“Why should I want to raise my vibration?” you first ask. Well, maybe you are stressed from work or family life. […]

Open to New Pathways of Healing

Do you feel low energy, depressed, or down? Are you constantly feeling a bit of unease? Do you often get […]

Stilling the Endless Mental Chatter

Is your mind calm? Does your inner critic respect your space? Or do you constantly listen to negative mental chatter? […]