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To Effort or Not to Effort? On Change the Yin Way

How does stress take up space in your life? Do you even notice it? Or is it invisible only until you start to feel it so much that it feels overwhelming and it’s impossible to not see it? Once you feel it, you see it. But then what? How do you let it go? How […]

Brokenhearted, I Am,Please Fix the Hole in My Heart

I want that she says. Peering over her shoulder, gazing at the couple. Laughing, hugging, kissing all at once while jumping for joy. Them on their wedding day. Her in the demise of her heart. She shuddered. Deep within, she only felt a stone cold frost in her chest, in the space of her so-called […]

What is Reiki?

Reiki Energy Healing is a practice of channeling universal, divine life-force energy to create a state of harmony and balance throughout one’s subtle energy body. The practice of Reiki is a holistic practice that allows for healing on all levels of self–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki facilitates a state of relaxation, encouraging the parasympathetic […]

Meet Me Under the Stars & Follow Me to the Moon

Just about a week before, I was over it–over the jungle living, over the isolation, over the lack of opportunities knocking on my door. I had been living here and after a year, I finally felt ready to give up and head back north, way way way north to California. Yes this was it. I […]

Pieces of My Heart

Pieces of my heart, They crumble within my grasp. No longer am I able to hold you together. I set you down. Ashamed. Tears rain from me to the Earth below. Flowing like a river into a mixture of mud and blood within my hands. I’ll bury you deep. Very deep. So deep. As deep […]

An Offering, A Vision

We are empowered beings who have the ability to access a deep remembrance within us–our soul wisdom. A wisdom that guides our journey back to a state of pure soul love. A wisdom that creates a more beautiful, loving and harmonious place–within our environment and amongst its inhabitants. A wisdom that guides us to share […]

Being Human

You are human. You have a physical body, of blood, of bones, of flesh. But you are not only that. You are emotions, thoughts, and spirit too. You are conscious and have a soul essence. What actually makes you human is that you exist across this whole spectrum–from physical, to emotional, to mental and spiritual. […]

Early Morning Mist

I wake up. The air is fresh. The sun begins to shine through the dense cover of green leaves. I hear the waves crash in the distance, and I hear the jungle life begin to stir. Howlers. Parakeets. Cicadas. Never a silent moment in this dense forest. Beaming with life. With inspiration. With desire and […]

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