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Finding Peace, Clarity and Emotional Freedom

Are you not sure how to get to a state of joy, sustained happiness, or creative flow? Do you feel […]

Guided Yin Yoga – Heart Opening Pose + Sound Healing Drum

Unwind after a long day of work with this short guided yoga pose. Counteract your rounded shoulders and haunched posture […]

8 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

“Why should I want to raise my vibration?” you first ask. Well, maybe you are stressed from work or family life. […]

Open to New Pathways of Healing

Do you feel low energy, depressed, or down? Are you constantly feeling a bit of unease? Do you often get […]

Stilling the Endless Mental Chatter

Is your mind calm? Does your inner critic respect your space? Or do you constantly listen to negative mental chatter? […]

Feel and Grow Love – A Guided Meditation

Have you ever wanted to feel more love in your life? … Who doesn’t right?! Well guess what, today is […]

To Effort or Not to Effort? On Change the Yin Way

How does stress take up space in your life? Do you even notice it? Or is it invisible only until […]

Brokenhearted, I Am, Please Fix the Hole in My Heart

I want that she says. Peering over her shoulder, gazing at the couple. Laughing, hugging, kissing all at once while […]

What is Reiki?

Reiki Energy Healing is a practice of channeling universal, divine life-force energy to create a state of harmony and balance […]

Meet Me Under the Stars & Follow Me to the Moon

Just about a week before, I was over it–over the jungle living, over the isolation, over the lack of opportunities […]