I recognize it now. The way I deflate, take a step back and wish for physical non-existence. I disappear, shut down, throw on my invisibility cloak and dissolve. If I don’t feel, if I don’t breathe, if I become quiet and still, you don’t see me. And in that nothingness … well, nothing exists.

No pain, no fear, no worthlessness, no anger, no sadness, no disappointment, no … well, no-thing. (more…)

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Pieces of My Heart

Pieces of my heart, They crumble within my grasp. No longer am I able to hold you together. I set you down. Ashamed. Tears rain from me to the Earth…

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An Offering, A Vision

We are empowered beings who have the ability to access a deep remembrance within us–our soul wisdom. A wisdom that guides our journey back to a state of pure soul…

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Being Human

You are human. You have a physical body, of blood, of bones, of flesh. But you are not only that. You are emotions, thoughts, and spirit too. You are conscious…

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Early Morning Mist

I wake up. The air is fresh. The sun begins to shine through the dense cover of green leaves. I hear the waves crash in the distance, and I hear…

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