Private Energy Healing Sessions
Breathwork + Reiki Healing

One on one sessions from anywhere in the world
to break free from your biggest challenge

Who can benefit from an Energy Healing session?

Everyone can benefit! Energy healing sessions meet you where you are at, and create breakthroughs for your unique experience.

  • If you are exhausted and drained, a session will recharge your body.
  • If you are overwhelmed, anxious or feel like your mind can't stop, a session will ground you and clear mental tension.
  • If you are feeling frustrated and stuck, a session will get your energy moving to help clear the blocks in flow.
  • If you are feeling depressed or lost, a session will reconnect you to your soul and you will receive insight and inspiration.

And the list goes on...

Energy healing can impact all aspects of a persons life from physical ailments, emotional turmoil to mental cloudiness. And once we get into the deeper work, profound transformations, that help you break through your biggest challenges, will happen.


What is a session like?

Energy healing sessions can be over the phone or in person.

Either way we begin session with a brief conversation about where you feel you are struggling right now. What challenges you? How is your body feeling? And in what aspect of your life do you feel stuck?

Then after setting an intention for the session you lie down and relax. I next guide you through an active meditation, breathwork session.

Following the breathwork healing, for the remainder of the session, you will receive a combination of Reiki and crystal singing bowl sound healing to further assist you journey.

Sessions are 1 hour.

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How does energy healing work?

Your being contains a system of channels where life force energy (also know as prana, chi, ki or spirit) flows through you.

Like a garden hose aiming to transport water to nourish the garden, if your channel or hose is clogged, water will not flow and your garden will suffer.

An energy healing session is designed to get your channel clear and the flow of energy moving optimally, in a balanced way.

You can also think of it as a reset or a reboot. And once your energy is in flow, you are in flow and open to insights and conscious transformation that improves your health and well-being.

I'm ready for the deeper work. What's that like?

Great! In sessions where you are ready to go deeper, we will take a conscious look at what patterns are running your life. Then we will then use the tools of energy healing to move past unconscious patterns and stuck energy and gain insight in how to move forward.

In these sessions you will be given homework aiding you to go deeper, to make profound shifts, and to learn to incorporate these new ways of being into your everyday life.

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Private Sessions and Packages

Energy Healing Session

1 hour session, online or in person, $80

Restore your body. Clear your mind. Make peace with your emotions. Feel lighter, brighter and free.

This session will help to clear your stuck energy and get your life force moving in a balanced way again. The session will support you in opening up to divine healing, creating a sense of deep peace and love in your life.

Energy Healing Package

5, 1 Hour sessions, online or in person, $400

Empower yourself with energy healing and break through played out patterns and limiting beliefs that create your suffering. 

In these weekly sessions, we will explore the root of your pain. You will learn how to safely open to see clearly, process unresolved pain, and receive divine love, guidance and inspiration in connection with your soul.

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