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Feel and Grow Love – A Guided Meditation

Have you ever wanted to feel more love in your life? … Who doesn’t right?!

Well guess what, today is your lucky day. Enjoy this 8 minute guided meditation by Neomi, and start to feel more love in your life RIGHT NOW.

Turn off all distractions, find a comfortable place to sit, and click below to listen.

In this guided visualization, you will begin to cultivate feelings of deep love. You will nourish a seed of love with your breath and feel the love expand completely within you. With each breath, you will continue to let the feeling expand, and eventually it will overflow from you out into the world, to be shared with yourself and others.

You can practice this meditation daily, growing any emotion you would like to experience more in your life. For example you can feel more love, more joy, more peace, more happiness or any other emotion you desire. There is no limit. You are your reality. Enjoy.


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