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Soul Guided Coaching

Disentangle your fears and limiting beliefs, so you can clearly and confidently step forward in creating an expansive, heart-filled life.

Shed the Old,
Step into Soul Aligned Living

In sessions, be guided to settle the stress, fears and noise of life in order to connect and hear the whispers of your soul. You are the master of your life. Reclaim your power and align with your soul for expansive living.

  • Do you trust in your heart, but sometimes it is unclear how to move forward?
  • Do you have dreams, visions or goals, but it’s not clear how to get there, what steps to take or where to shift to get there more quickly with less pain?
  • Does it feel like options have slowed down and your patience is running out?
  • Have you’ve tried this and that, but still feel like something is missing and your heart calls for more?

Let’s clear and tend to your soul connection. I’ll guide you to the space beyond, to return to your soul. Here, you will receive insight, feel refreshed, and open opportunities to see and feel clearly your soul visions and the next steps to take in the continual unfolding of your dreams.

Hi, I’m Your Guide, Neomi

At heart, I’m a soul surfer, lover of nature’s magic, who yearns to be surrounded in harmony–in peace, love and beauty–not only in my surroundings but deep within my infinite heart. This unignorable desire for peace and harmony in my life has led me to reconnect to my soul, to hear its whispers, and to bring its love and peace back here on Earth.

My own practice is a continuous unfolding, to discover the truth of my soul more and more, and to allow it to meld with my human heart, here on Earth, as a divine creator of soulful living.

Are you ready to meet your soul more clearly, more vividly, more expansively?

Are you ready to meet, create and unleash your wild heart, the magic derived from the infusing of your soulful truth throughout your deepest Earthly passions?

Are you ready to untangle the fears and beliefs that restrict and diminish your expansive, soul led life?

Well let’s get started…

Guided Soul Sessions

Where Heart Meets Soul

Bring you vision, your dreams, your deepest desires. And bring too, all the messiness of where you are at in this moment. The fear, the shame, the frustration and guilt. The annoyance or hatred of your job, the sadness or disappointment of your ex, the disconnection or the loneliness of your heart.

In session, I will guide you in energy healing practices of breathwork, sound healing and soul connection, so you can clear yourself of the exhaustion, the fear, the unknowing. And return nourished and connected to your spirit. With clarity your vision becomes vivid, with gratitude your courage and determination returns with strength, and with heart-felt tears your expansive self feel relief and comes alive with new life.

Step forward to see clearly where you are now, as a way to unravel the threads that need to be tended to. Move forward and create the beautiful, unique journey of your heart and soul.

Guided Soul Session Package

Package of 4 sessions. $444 regular price
$400 New Year Special

In session feel relieved to bring all of you. We will work together to clear you of the pressure you place on yourself and the burdens you’ve been carrying. Feel clearer, lighter and inspired through breathwork healing and sound healing.

In this package, you will delve into and uncover the deep desires of your vision, the ones you yearn for, the ones you can’t deny exist deep within you, even the ones that feel so far away from where you are today. Here you will unravel the threads of beliefs challenging your journey, and in doing so, you will discover your next best steps to embody soulful living.

Here, your dreams lead the way, your answers lie within.

Gently and thoroughly, you clear the path, tend to the weeds, nourish the blossoms.

Step by step by step, your dreams emerge as you experience them in soulful living.

Guided Soul Sessions

1 session weekly, for 4 weeks

Dive deep into 60 minutes of coaching & energywork, unraveling and aligning to support your soulful journey.

Contact me below with questions or to sign up.

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