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The Day the Internet Died

The day the internet died I had a lot of time for contemplation.

I live in the jungle of Costa Rica, you see and it actually turned into a 3 day, involuntary internet and social media cleanse. Yes, I am just like you, I have my excuses, but it’s true I do a lot of scrolling.

So these days, I had a lot of time to be–to analyze my life, to think about my choices and to debate, endlessly, the sufferings of my soul.

But after reading through an inspirational book, I saw clearly, for the first time, how my intentions to manifest were holding me back.

Manifesting Love

See I’ve been trying to manifest a great love in my life. But lately, I’ve been noticing how I am closing my heart to people who didn’t obviously fit in the box of my vision.

And as I started to become aware of this, it didn’t feel quite right to continue to close off my heart in the way I was doing. So I urged myself to look very honestly and very closely at what was really going on. I asked myself a few questions.

Am I staying open, as they say you need to do, for the result to manifest?

At what point is it a matter of settling, if reality doesn’t unfold as the vision?

How tightly do you hold the grip to get exactly what you want, as manifesting your vision intends to get for you?

So I asked these questions.

But then, upon further study, I realized, the whole system was actually wrong . . .

Manifesting is a Lie

Hear me out. Continue the journey and read below:

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