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What to Know Before Your First Breathwork Session

I recently shared about the first time I experienced breathwork. Even though this experience was during a rebirthing session, which includes a different style of breathwork than I teach, in revisiting my experience, I was reminded of some of the questions and hesitancies that you may feel when you are new to the practice.

So to ease your worries, here are 5 things that are nice to know before your first breathwork session. Knowing these things breforehand, will help you get the most out of your session.

1. It is ok to not know what it going to happen

You may not know anything at all about the practice. That’s ok! Or, you may have heard stories from friends, teachers or what you have researched online. Yes, some people speak of seeing colors. Others describe feelings of total bliss. Some recount feelings and resurfaced memories from their past. And for others nothing seemingly happens at all and they think they may have fallen asleep. Know that all experiences are possible, and all are valid. Therefore, what is most important, in how you approach the session, is to let go of your expectations and be present with your practice.

2. You do not need your mind to understand the energy work

During the session there is nothing that you need to do or not do. It is highly recommended however, to allow yourself to relax and to stay present with each sensation, or whatever arises. As you come out of the session it may make sense, it may not make sense today, or it may never make sense. The thing to remember is that in this practice we are rising above thought (the mind). As you are able to let go of the mind, you will naturally rise and touch into a connection with a higher level of awareness and understanding. Mentally you may not be able to articulate it. But deep within you, during or after the session you may recognize a level of truth that resonates in an experience of deep peace, forgiveness, gratitude or unconditional love.

3. It may feel hard

During the practice it may feel hard–physically, mentally or emotionally. Trust that you can do this though. On the other side of this effort, which I have not yet overtly talked about, is the savasana like state that you will experience after the active breathing part of the session. Some describe it like a trip without being on drugs. Some say it is the most peaceful place they’ve ever felt. Some say they don’t know what just happened or where they went, but boy do they feel good now!

4. Keep breathing

The increase in breath stimulates an increase in flow of energy. It is this increased flow that promotes the healing. Don’t worry, you are not hyperventilating, you are not out of control, this is safe, you are OK. Know that all this worrying, is only your ego trying to stay in control and keep you disconnected from source energy.

5. Different breathwork sessions, will unfold differently

Different breathwork sessions, with different breathwork practicioners, at different times in your life will unfold differently. We are each evolving and will get different things out of an experience depending on what lessons/challenges we’ve been through and what healing is needed at this time. Again, stay open-minded, relax and enjoy!

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