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Get Out of Your FUNK

Hi, I'm Neomi. I help people discover an inner state of peace, in order to feel more love and joy in life.

Transform Your Life

Stressed, overwhelmed, EMPTY, lost?

Fear not, there is another way to get unstuck.

Experience energy healing and transform your life from the inside out.

Surf + Soul Retreat

Enjoy a magical surf, yoga and energy healing retreat in Costa Rica. Experience the sacred elements of nature in a whole new way–awaken Your Soul and discover your passion for life.

The Blog

Pieces of My Heart

Pieces of my heart, They crumble within my grasp. No longer am I able to hold you together. I set you down. Ashamed. Tears rain from me to the Earth below. Flowing like a river into a mixture of mud and blood within my hands. I’ll bury you deep. Very deep. So deep. As deep […]

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An Offering, A Vision

We are empowered beings who have the ability to access a deep remembrance within us–our soul wisdom. A wisdom that guides our journey back to a state of pure soul love. A wisdom that creates a more beautiful, loving and harmonious place–within our environment and amongst its inhabitants. A wisdom that guides us to share […]

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Being Human

You are human. You have a physical body, of blood, of bones, of flesh. But you are not only that. You are emotions, thoughts, and spirit too. You are conscious and have a soul essence. What actually makes you human is that you exist across this whole spectrum–from physical, to emotional, to mental and spiritual. […]

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What Others Are Saying

"I literally felt, for the first time,

the space of my heart e x p a n d . . . "

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