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Live A Fulfilling Life

Hi, I'm Neomi. I guide energy healing experiences to help you discover purpose andย meaning in your life.

Can you hear Your Soul speak?

Is your heart loud and clear, or does it speak a silent whisperโ€“confused and lost?
Begin now, clear your mind to discover your passion and purpose.

Surf + Soul Retreat

Enjoy a magical surf, yoga and energy healing retreat in Costa Rica. Experience the sacred elements of nature in a whole new wayโ€“awaken Your Soul and discover your passion for life.

What Others Are Saying

"I literally felt, for the first time,

the space of my heart expand..."

About Neomi

I live in the jungle of Costa Rica, surfing and making magic through yoga teaching, intuitive energy healing and the creative digital endeavors of website design and development.

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Your Soul Initiation

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