About Neomi,
Energy Healer and Guide

Break your patterns that keep you suffering.
Learn to live in flow, in love.

I Wanted Passion, Aliveness and Love

Where are you stuck? What is unsatisfying in your life? And what is your greatest challenge right now?

Is it love and relationships (or lack there of)? Is it the frustration of an unsatisfying career? Is it overwhelm and exhaustion from trying to keep it all together? Or maybe the mounting anxiety and pressure from a feeling of what am I doing with my life?

For all of these, the internal suffering that you feel is very real, frustrating and painful. But the good news is that you have the power, right now, to work through this suffering and create a life free from this pain, into a life of flow and love.

How? With energy healing. Energy healing practices help to relieve suffering at the very core of your being. Chances are, you are already practicing some from of energy healing work–yoga, meditation, contemplation, time in nature or even a simple walk to clear your mind.

Now, with Neomi as your guide, you can take this work to the next level and profoundly shift and break free from the patterns that are keeping you stuck in your suffering.

Hi I'm Neomi. The frustrations and unhappiness of my own life led me to the practices of energy healing.

My soul called for me to live doing fulfilling work. But I didn't know what that was. All I desperately wanted was a loving relationship to expand in.

The path of my suffering has been working through deep seeds of unworthiness and beliefs of not good enough. Love for me wasn't innate. It felt safer for me to be invisible, silent and not fully in this world.


Where others used alcohol and drugs too numb out, I didn’t have to. I used busyness and my magic superpower of being invisible. This though, was at a cost - superficial relationships, half realized dreams, and a deep, deep ache in my heart of neglecting my soul's purpose.

And through this I have received my greatest lessons: of learning to uncover the love within my own being and to step forward to fully be in the world, joyously alive.

Energy healing gave me the path to connect to my soul and bring healing, love and creativity back to Earth. And it will do the same for you, in a way perfectly attuned to the deepest needs and desires of your heart and soul.

Let's get started…

Neomi May, Energy Healer

Neomi wishes to make the world a more beautiful place by helping others to discover the love that rests deep within their heart. She does this through the practices of surf and soul – meditation, yoga, sound healing, breathwork and Reiki energy healing.

In her energy healing sessions, Neomi guides you back in connection with your soul, to help ignite the strength to open your heart even in the face of uncertainty and fear. In this work you learn to navigate the challenges of your mind and emotions, and how to break free from the limiting patterns that are keeping you stuck in unhappiness and suffering.

Neomi supports you in living a more expansive and fulfilling life, guiding you to co-create with your soul, in flow and in love, both online and in person. For those interested to experience transformation in the jungle and tropical seas, join her near Santa Teresa, Costa Rica for daily yoga classes, while you learn to surf at Shaka Beach Retreat.