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Hi, I’m Neomi. The frustrations and unhappiness of my own life led me to the practice of energy healing.

For as long as I can remember, my soul called for me to do fulfilling work. To find what lit me up the most so that I could share it with the world. But like most people, I didn’t know what that was. Clarity wasn’t something that arrived. So I played it safe, followed the rules, and got a ‘good job’ after college.

After a few years, I started to feel like the only thing missing was the husband, the family, the white picket fence. Yup, I aimed to succeed in the good ‘ole American dream… A career, friends, a stable living environment with an ability to travel the world – those things were all falling into place… But love and a significant relationship wasn’t.

While I successfully managed every other part of my life, all I desperately wanted was a deep, loving relationship to expand in, yet nothing substantial came to me.

And that tore me to pieces.

For a while, I continued to try and play by the rules, but somehow those rules started to include poor choices (weekends spent hungover, shallow online dates, chasing the wrong guy, disappointment, pain, and heart-break).

My story became what I labeled, “chronically single.”

After a few years of tears constantly flowing during my morning commute to the office, I decided to face my pain and discomfort, and to face the unknown. I knew there was more to my life, and my current situation wasn’t birthing it.

So, I finally decided to leave the safety of my salaried paycheck and follow a gentle whisper of my soul. I left, and this time, I followed my heart to the jungles of Costa Rica.

After 7+ years, this journey of trying to “make it” as a single woman in a foreign land, has led me to transform deep seeds of unworthiness and stubborn, ingrained beliefs of “not good enough-ness”. Living a soul-surfer and freelancer life, I learned to open to friends, engage in community, and to recognize the pains in my heart.

Little by little, I uncovered layer after layer of what was guarding my heart, stealing my soul, and hiding the truth.

I, myself, am the love I’d sought.

Now in the next phase of this journey, I’ve received peace and wisdom, an understanding of my experiences and my greatest lessons. I’ve learned to uncover the love within my own being and to step forward and show up, to fully be in the world, joyously alive, as the love that I am.

It’s not always pretty, sometimes quiet, sometimes hangry, sometimes too demanding and needing full control, but I am continuously learning from the love that flows through me and continuously aiming to learn and evolve. To connect with and embody the love that I am.

The energy healing practices of breathwork and sound healing, have given me the path to transform, to connect to my soul and to bring healing and love to myself and back to Earth. And it will do the same for you, in a way perfectly attuned to the deepest needs and desires of your heart and soul.

Let’s get started

As an Energy Healing Guide, Neomi wishes to make the world a more beautiful place by helping others to discover the love they’ve always desired. She supports her clients in clearing residual emotional pain and deepening their connection to the divine love that rests deep within their heart through the heart opening energy healing practices of Beathwork Reiki and Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing.

Neomi will guide you to discover and embody deep love, both via online and in-person sessions. Join her near Santa Teresa, Costa Rica for a heart opening transformation amidst the jungle and surf landscapes.

A Journey of Heart

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