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Reiki Healing
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Private Sessions to help you clear and nourish.

Reiki Healing

While in Costa Rica, relax fully and connect deeply to your soul. Reiki energy healing can benefit you in many ways:

  • Reduce stress, tension and pain from your body
  • Nourish at a cellular level
  • Clear yourself from deep emotional pain
  • Elevate your mind from stuck patterns of thinking
  • Open your heart to receive deep levels of peace and love
  • Reconnect to your spirit to receive clarity, wisdom and inspiration

Sessions can impact all aspects of a persons life: easing physical ailments, releasing emotional turmoil, clarifying mental cloudiness and even initiating profound, spiritual realizations. We will create a specific intention for your session.

About the Session

Sessions are 1 hour. During the session, we will discuss your current situation and set an intention for the healing. Then I will guide you through the breathwork practice, followed by additional Reiki to nourish you while you rest in a blissful state of relaxation.

WHERE: Sessions can be at your private location or at my healing sanctuary in the hills above Playa Hermosa, Santa Teresa.

If on location, all you need to supply is a quiet space and a yoga mat to lie on. Jungle and ocean views optional.

To prepare for our session, consider

  1. where do you currently feel stuck? 
  2. what would you like to feel instead?

How Does Energy Healing Work?

Your being contains a system of channels where life force energy (also know as prana, chi, ki or spirit) flows through you.

Like a garden hose aiming to transport water to nourish the garden, if your channel or hose is clogged, water will not flow and your garden will suffer.

An energy healing session is designed to get your channel clear and the flow of energy moving optimally, in a balanced way.

You can also think of it as a reset or a reboot. And once your energy is in flow, you are in flow and open to insights and conscious transformation that improves your health and well-being.

Meet Your Guide, Neomi

Hi, Neomi, an energy healer, soul-surfer, lover of life who wants to help you open your heart and experience the magic of your soul.

When I first experienced Reiki and breathwork, I was blown away about how powerful and life changing these practices felt. And since I experienced such profound shifts, I began to incorporate them into my daily life. Now I am grateful to share these practices with others.

I believe the combination of breathwork and Reiki energy healing helps you get through the challenges of life beautiful way. And I would love for you to experience first-hand!

Restore & Nourish

One Hour, Private Session $90
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