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The Space Beyond

There was a place revealed more clearly to me in my last breathwork journey, the space beyond.

This place isn’t completely new to me, but its clarity was touched into at a level deeper this day. …kind of like lucid dreaming, where you wake up and realize you’re the dreamer creating the dream, all while you still continue to dream.

My mind would have gotten boggled and confused if it tried to understand where it really was, but this day the breathwork practice brought me with clarity to the space beyond, and my thinking mind became quiet. I could see, feel and know, with lucidity, the intricacies of how it, my mind, was operating. I was watching from the space beyond.

And on this particular day, Love with a capital L was revealed to me.

Hear that again, Love with a capital L.

It’s significant to stop and notice and begin to contemplate that the capital L of Love, is a different word, with a different meaning, than the little ‘L’ of love.

Say What?

Does our language fail to provide a word adequate to describe and convey the meaning of each. Do we not have a word to differentiate the two? Do we even need a word for these two things? Yes, and no.

See the little ‘l’ of love really only operates within the workings of my mind. Here it is created only by co-existing with another word of it’s opposite, hate. The words need to reference each other to have meaning, love vs. hate, hate vs love. Only by hating some things, can I love others.  Hate needs love, and love needs hate to exist within my mind. And also, therefore, I need judgement. Judgement is wrapped up in my belief, the creation of love and hate.  And, to round it out, that also means, the unavoidable labels of good and bad also start to appear, in my mind.

But in the space beyond? That’s different.

In the space beyond, love has transformed into Love with a capital L. In the space beyond, I, my soul, my consciousness, experiences Love as the wholeness of me–which really means, an inclusion of and acceptance of, both the things I love about me and things I hate about me.

From this angle, in this moment, a huge relief of pressure came.

Normally in everyday life, I equate love to good, and hate to bad. But this, without realizing, creates so much anxiety and turmoil within me. Since of course, I am always trying to resolve my bad and turn it into good. I am trying to better my life, so there is less bad. I am trying to evolve, to clear and rid myself of the bad, so I’m not hate, and I become loveable.

But from here, in the space beyond, I am all of that, the good, the bad, the love, the hate, and even so, the entire complexity of being all of that. That messy creation that I hated and that I loved, that was my wholeness, and in the moment, it was perfect. All of me. All of my hate, all of my love. All of my good. All of my bad. And all of that, together, was Love.

But it wasn’t just the words and their meanings that made these insights significant and like I finally understood my mind. It wasn’t logic, that anchored it all together, it was the felt-sense of truth throughout my body, that while these realizations were appearing, I felt myself, at home, at home in the space beyond. Recognizable only once you’re there. It’s a knowing. A golden thread of truth. A lived experience. Vividly awake within the dream, that it, my soul, was dreaming, from my soul’s home.

And usually, I suppose, Love with a capital L is experienced and touched into only in the space beyond. But now, ever more so awake, I’m invited to bring it back with me, back into my Earth world dream. An invitation to experience the peace, the calm, the harmony of the space beyond, all the while, still fully immersed amongst the complexities that judging, and loving, and hating, all together create.

And from this place, it is a gentle reminder. A remembering of the harmony of soul, from the space where everything is moving, and where nothing moves at all, a perfect stillness, while all is shuffling, and at it’s core you are able to rest in the receiving of the nurturance of your own heart and soul. The space beyond somehow, always exists within me.


These are just some of the places and insights that you can tune into and experience from guided Breathwork Soul Sessions… But yours will no doubt be different, perhaps a similar thread, but different in expression, substance and meaning.

What’s right for you to tune into and remember today? What’s most important for you to see, feel and know with absolute clarity? What will you dive into and what insights will you bring back? That is the magic of the dream, and the magic of the space beyond, and it is only by your presence, attention and willingness, that you can connect to, from within, and find out.

Dive into your discovery.

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