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Breathwork Energy Healing Basics

What are my sessions like? What are we doing? And why are we breathing in the first place. This is how I understand it.

In Breathwork Healing sessions we use our breath to feel our aliveness. We all have an underlying level of vibration, an electricity of our being, that we may or may not have payed much attention to.

As we begin to breathe, the electricity of our being begins to move with more energy. As we keep breathing, our vibration increases. As the vibration increases it moves cleansing, clearing and balancing the energies of the body. Our breath is our life force, a direct link to our spirit and thus power.

A River of Energy

Our energy field flows the same way a river flows. We can understand what happens during a breathwork session, by comparing it to a river–where our energy field is the river, and our breath powers the river.

When our energy field is clear, flowing and balanced, it is like a clear river. When we have residual energy or unprocessed emotions from our experiences it can cloud our energy field, like sediment in a river.

A Muddy River

A river may be murky and have lots of sediment suspended in the water, or it may have rocks and pebbles sunken to the bottom.

Similarly, within our body, the flow of energy may come across a dense area, a place where energy is stuck and solidified into a pattern. These are our beliefs, our unprocessed emotions, the stories that we tell our selves, the patterns and ways we live our life, or even physical disease. These denser energies are like rocks in our body river.

Your Breathe is Your Power

During a session, as you breathe, the increased movement of the breath (like water in a river) will clear out unprocessed energy (like the sediment moving and transforming as it is washed in a river).

As the session progresses, the breath keeps moving and as we let these sensations arise, the energy channels are cleared, the body is balanced. Sometimes too the moving current of energy, uncovers deeper buried energy, which may be released into the river for cleansing now or at a later time.

The River Becomes Clear

Clearing and balancing your field really means removing obstacles to merging back into a state of oneness, your true self. During this time in the session, your consciousness is lifted to an expanded state of awareness.

While in this state of consciousness, we are able to gain wisdom from our experiences. We gain understanding, compassion, unconditional love and even appreciation. The process heals us.

In doing so, we expand our capacity of empathy, and our capacity to give and receive unconditional love both to ourselves and others, as we have returned to a state of oneness.

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