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What is Reiki?

Reiki Energy Healing is a practice of channeling universal, divine life-force energy to create a state of harmony and balance throughout one’s subtle energy body. The practice of Reiki is a holistic practice that allows for healing on all levels of self–physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Reiki facilitates a state of relaxation, encouraging the parasympathetic nervous system (i.e. our ‘rest and digest’ facilitator) to activate. This creates a state within the body that promotes stress relief, rest, repair and healing.

A Reiki Session

The practice of Reiki can be “hands on”, where a practitioner’s hands are placed on the body. And although this is the most common form of practice, the sacred art is not limited to “hands on”, or even in-person healing.

In a Reiki session, the healing energy received by the body helps to first purge stagnant or trapped energy, and then stimulate a balanced flow of energy. Often times this results in feeling “clearer”, “lighter”, “aligned” and “renewed”–a sense of having more energy or inspiration.

Here is one client’s first-hand account:

“I literally felt, for the first time, the space of my heart expand.  That feeling then extended outward and beyond my physical body.  I was presented with only one internal thought during the hour, which was quickly engulfed by the surrounding energy.  It was literally the longest I have gone without thought–just being.

The hours that followed the session were the most present hours I have ever experienced.  Smiles were brighter, smells better, textures more pronounced; I felt zero attachment.  The feeling of presence and peace accompanied me through the rest of the day.”

Reiki healing sessions and results are always unique to the individual’s needs at that moment in time. Reiki can do no harm, and will always do the best for the receiver and all beings.

Learning Reiki

Reiki Energy Healing is a practice that anyone can learn to do. The healing energy that you learn to channel can benefit yourself, or others. And it is perfectly valid to want to learn the practice for any of the following reasons: whether you wish to use it solely as a self-healing practice; whether you wish to share the healing energy with loved ones; or whether you wish to become a practitioner and share the healing benefits with many. All are wonderful reasons to learn Reiki.

In addition to increased wellbeing, learning and practicing Reiki offers a few unexpected benefits. Grab our free e-book to read about these benefits and discover whether learning Reiki Energy Healing could be perfect for you.

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